What is SD-WAN

SD-Wan is a network overlay that allows you to select the best network routes based on user requirements such as network performance metrics like packet loss, latency, jitter, bandwidth, internet services, and applications. SD-Wan is utilized in a wide area network (WAN) to reduce cost, improve reliability, and increase performance while eliminating downtime.

Why Implement SD-WAN
  1. SD-Wan, when combined with the internet and VPN tunnels can save money by eliminating the need for expensive dedicated circuits and MPLS.

  2. SD-Wan allows for a vendor-agnostic approach when selecting providers. You can select the best provider for each location network. You no longer have to be held captive by your MPLS provider’s relationships with low-quality local exchange carrier (LEC) providing second class service. You can select any bandwidth provider that gives you the best service at the lowest cost for each location. SD-WAN will then apply a policy to ensure that your network is running optimally for your business requirements.

  3. SD-Wan allows you to route your business traffic based on software-defined policies. You no longer have to rely on old dynamic routing protocols with a one-size fits all approach to routing. SD-WAN policies allow you to route traffic through the best WAN links based on applications, internet services, traditional IP subnets, and performance metrics.

How To Get Started

We make getting started on your new SD-WAN network as easy as possible by offering turn key SD-WAN implementation and management all across the country. All you need to do is fill out the contact form below so we can talk to you about your specific needs, and then we will design and implement a flawless SD-WAN network custom tailored to your business. 

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