Optical Automation

Optical Automation is a term coined by Twin Eagle. We believe that our IIoT Video Solutions will help OT companies become more efficient, reliable, safe, and cost effective. The world is becoming more digital, and we believe that our solutions offer the best options to capitalize on the benefits of new technology.

Our Optical Solutions

All of Our Solutions are Easily Integrated Into Your Existing Network and SCADA Systems. 


Remote Site Inspections

Our RSI Solution is great for any Company that has sites they would like to monitor from their computers or phones. This solution is great for saving time and money while increasing the upkeep of the site. Here's how it works.

Twin Eagle will strategically place a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera on your site. We will then create a list of key spots on the site that you would like the PTZ Camera to focus in on. This will allow you to view any critical metrics that you need with a preset survey. Keep in mind that the user can also control the camera manually from his phone or computer. Twin Eagle will then connect the camera to your existing network so you can have access to the data with out passing the data over a public or separate network. The user will then be able to monitor all RSI Cameras over one Video management software.


This solution allows you to view every site every day, but only visit the sites that actually need maintenance. 


Fire Watch

Our Fire Watch solution is one of the most reliable video solutions you will find. We developed this solution with a large U.S. nuclear generation company to automate their Fire Watch processes. This solutions has indoor and outdoor applications and is built to increase safety and reduce fire watch costs. Here's how it works:

Twin Eagle will custom build a regulation compliant cart that is designed to provide 24/7 fire watch protection. The cart uses thermography and radiometry to detect fires, and we will integrate this cart to communicate on your existing network. If their is a fire detected or if a preset alarm is triggered, the data is passed through the network using Twin Eagle's proprietary software and coding. The cart will also notify everyone with in hearing distance of the fire. 

This solution is designed to keep you safe around the clock with out having any human error. This solution is also affordable and replaces the need for any additional Fire Watch personnel.

waterbrdige FLIR.png

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging has a lot of industrial applications that our customers find helpful. Other then the obvious temperature monitoring, our thermal solution can help you monitor tank levels, keep an eye on flares, detect fires or spills, and even tell when someone on site might have a fever. Here's how it works.

Twin Eagle will place the Thermal camera in a strategic location on your site. once set up and integrated into your existing network, we will set zones that you want to monitor. Within those zones we can set temperature thresholds that are not to be exceeded. If the temperature ever falls above or below that threshold, you will be notified on your phone and computer. You will then be able to see a live view of the camera and determine if action is needed. 

This solution adds a tremendous amount of insight for our customers. You can rest assured that your sites are safe and sound when your not their because our thermal imaging is monitoring the site for you. 


Intelligent Monitoring

Intelligent Monitoring is perhaps the most useful video tool in todays day and age. With this video solution, there is an endless amount of applications you could use this for. This solution can detect spills, monitor site activity such as trucks, people, movement, and even how many times someone with a red hat came into view. Here's how it works.

Twin Eagle will install the camera strategically on your site and integrate it into your existing network. Once installed, we can start programming the camera to monitor the metrics you would like to see. Once a metric is triggered, you will receive a custom alert. You will then be able see a live view of the alert or simply keep count of how many times the alert is triggered. 

This solution truly does offer our customers the best insight for their needs. If you want to have the best analytics possible for your sites, this is the right solution for you.


Mobile Platform

Our Mobile Applications Platform offers our customers all the benefits of our video solutions listed above, but with the convenience of putting them on wheels. The platform can also be fitted with self sustaining power such as solar and wind as well as a generator. Twin Eagle will then install  communications that will integrate with your existing network and allow you to see the video solution while on the platform. From there, you are able to move the mobile platform from site to site based on your monitoring needs. 

This solution has all the capabilities of any of our video solutions, but offers a flexibility to our customers that is sometimes desired. Twin Eagle offers this mobile platform for you to buy, or you can rent one from us on a  monthly basis. This allows you to try any of our solutions before you make a large capital commitment.