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The Attack on Colonial Pipeline

The cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline indicates that our nation's industrial/operational IT infrastructure is under attack. Gone are the days where we can think that air gapping our OT networks is good enough to stop a cyber terrorist from attacking our critical infrastructure with Botnets, Malware, DDOS attacks, Ransomware, Inside/External malicious hacks, etc.…  

One must ask, would I have to shut down a whole pipeline to stop it?  
Today's OT/SCADA environments need purpose-built security that gives the organization Visibility of all devices on their networks, the ability to Control and enforce policies without negatively impacting critical systems, and continuous user and device behavior Awareness to provide actionable intelligence about potential known and unknown threats. 

Twin Eagle understands what it takes to secure your OT network while improving critical infrastructure reliability. Contact Twin Eagle today to see how a network assessment can get your IT operational assets on the right track to a reliable, secure network. 

Why Trust Us?

Twin Eagle Solutions has been building reliable and secure networks for industrial customers for over 20 years. We specialize in OT and fully understand the needs of our industrial customers of our oil and gas and utilities. 

The leaders in cyber security hardware also trust us. Fortinet has made us their premier partner for anything OT because of our vast knowledge of OT and SCADA networks. 

We have completed over 3000 network and telecom projects in Oil and Gas alone, and our customers trust us to deliver the best results every time we are on site. 

If you are looking for a partner that can help you secure your network, we are one of the only choices that purely specialize in OT environments. 

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Why Get a Network Assessment?

A Network Assessment from Twin Eagle is a great way to identify threats to your network and critical infrastructure. Many OT environments were built with minimal security in mind. While that was okay in the early years, now a days, infrastructure has much more vulnerability to cyber attacks. Just like how Colonial Pipeline infrastructure was shut down, your infrastructure could be at risk as well. 

A Network Assessment is the best and most inexpensive way to identify your network vulnerabilities and mitigate the issues before they become true problems within your company. Also, Twin Eagle gives you a comprehensive report after your assessment is complete that shows all critical data points on your network, what threats are on your network currently, and what we would recommend to fix your network security.

Just take a look at this sample report that Twin Eagle did for a water waste water customer in Colorado. 

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