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Fire Watch Technology

Twin Eagle's Nuclear Fire Watch Carts are custom made to tailor to the needs of our customers. We build each cart with the technology and specifications of our customer. Our carts are also able to integrate into any existing network. We use our expertise in Networking and Wireless communications to integrate our carts into your systems seamlessly

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Twin Eagle's Fire Watch Carts use Thermography and Radiometry to detect fires with in the specified fields. Twin Eagle then uses proprietary coding to relay the alerts back to the Video Management system so that everyone can be alerted to the fire. It will also sound an alarm that alerts anyone in the immediate areas. This product has been approved for use in Nuclear environments. 


We developed our carts with a large Nuclear company, and compliance with nuclear regulations was at the top of our list. Our carts are made for Nuclear environments, and they are specified in accordance with all Nuclear regulations

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