Deciding on the right Network Solution helps you run at peak performance

Our team of engineers, technical experts, and service technicians are expertly trained to provide you a high quality solution. We are well accustomed to the needs and requirements of the utility industry, and we provide sound network solutions for the difficult environments of utility world on a daily basis.

Turn Key Solutions

Twin Eagle offers a wide variety services that allow you to accomplish whatever your network goals are. However, we understand sometimes large projects can be hard to manage on all sides while continuing to do your job. This is why we offer a Turn Key Solution where we will manage your project from start to finish. Instead of doing everything yourself, you can make executive decisions based on the information we provide you and let us do the rest. You can trust that your project is being meticulously managed so you meet all deadlines and complete the project on budget. 


There are endless amounts of technology choices out there, but there are a limited amount of technologies that will actually work for your needs. Not to mention that programming these technologies can be a full time job within itself. That is why Twin Eagle offers guidance to you on which hardware is best for your goals, and since we are not affiliated with any hardware providers, our main goal will always be to provide you with the best solution. We can also have the hardware flipped to one of our field offices where we will program it and ship it to you so that it is ready to install straight out of the box.

Path Analysis & Reporting 

Whether you are installing a brand new network or if you inherited a network from an acquisition, we can help you get organized. We will examine your field and create a report that describes your network health, path profiles, a break down of your technologies, and recommendations to improve your network. Whatever the information is that you need, you can count on us to deliver a clear and concise report. 


Communication is one of the most important aspects to any business. Not just communication between people, but communication between your technologies as well. With our Networking help, you will have seamless integration with your technologies, and you can be sure that everyone is staying connected.

Tower & Tower work

Towers and Tower Work can be very expensive at times. This is why Twin Eagle has developed many relationships with Tower Manufactures and Tower Crews. We can makes sure you are getting the best tower solution and price based on market conditions and geography. We can also help you with negotiating lease agreements on existing towers.

Break/Fix & Quick Response 

At Twin Eagle, we understand the urgency needed when something breaks in the field. That is why we offer our customers fast and reliable break/fix solutions. We have an experienced team spread across the United States, so you can rest assured that we can respond and fix your problem quickly.

Maintenance & Management 

We offer out customers a range of maintenance and management agreements. Whether you need someone to keep your equipment finely tuned from time to time, or you need a full team managing your network, Twin Eagle had the resources for you to utilize. We have years of experience managing our customers networks, and improving their reliability to ensure the highest efficiency. 

Video Solutions

IoT is become more relevant in almost every business today. That is why Twin Eagle started offering video solutions. Our customers are interested in solutions that help them increase efficiency, safety, and reliability. With our video solutions you will be able to monitor sites that are hours away with a click of a button. We offer Pan Tilt Zoom cameras that make it easy to tour a site without ever stepping on it. We offer Optical gas imaging and thermal solutions that will alert you when temperatures are to high or low. We also offer Analytical cameras that will track site activity so that you can get real time information such as how many times a truck has emptied that site today, how many trucks have been on site, and much more.  


Consulting is what Twin Eagle was founded on. We have expertise in all things network solutions and we can help you accomplish your goals with sound advice. If you need help with FCC License coordination, Development of an RFP or RFQ, Tower Lease agreements, and more, we are here to help you.

Utilities Services