Oil and Gas

Twin Eagle Solutions (TES) is a professional industrial wireless and automation firm that designs and delivers turnkey Field Area Network (FAN) systems and in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to meet the unique needs of the Oil and Gas industry. With years of real-world FAN design and implementation, field IT, edge computing, and optical automation experience, TEC is uniquely qualified to provide customized solutions that support critical operations and improve efficiency, productivity, and oversight. 

With over 20  years of combined experience within the unique operating environments of the Oil and Gas industry, our team of engineers, subject matter experts, and service technicians offer network and automation expertise to meet the evolving needs and challenges of our customers. TEC maintains three offices in Texas  – Midland, San Antonio, and Houston – to most effectively and efficiently support U.S. operations. 

Field Services

Field Installation and Commissioning

Turnkey Tower Construction 

Tower Climbing Services

Tower Maintenance and Inspection 

DC/Solar System Design and Installation


Engineering Services

RF Design & Feasibility Analysis (Licensed Microwave, PTP/PTMP and Mesh technologies

Site Survey & System Requirement Gathering 

Frequency Planning & FCC License Coordinator 

Equipment Selection & End to End System Design

Radio Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution 

As-Built Documentation 

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Enterprise Networking

LAN/WAN Design & Integration 

SD-WAN Design & Implementation 

Cybersecurity Consulting & Design

Wi-Fi Design 

Network Management Services 


Video Services

Remote Site Inspection 

Optical Gas Imaging 

Thermography/ Radiometry 

Audio Monitoring 

Optical Automation 

Dedicated Project Management Services 


Professional Consulting Services 

Dedicated Project Management Services 

Process Evaluation & Auditing 

Maintenance Programs 

Hardware Procurement 


Turn Key Solutions

Twin Eagle offers a wide variety of services that allow you to accomplish whatever your network goals are. However, we understand sometimes large projects can be hard to manage on all sides while continuing to do your job. That is why we offer a Turn Key solution where we will manage your project from start to finish. Instead of doing everything yourself, you can make executive decisions based on the information we provide you and let us do the rest. You can trust that your project is being meticulously managed so that you meet all deadlines and complete the project on budget . 

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Enterprise Networking