Project Management

A great product is only as good as the maintenance  services and support it can provide.  At Twin Eagle we pride ourselves on our professional services for all of our clients.

System Engineering

Many individual components combine to build a system. While it is important to select the proper unit for a task, it is equally important to ensure the units work together as a whole, and in the business interest of the project. Twin Eagle Consulting offers a broad suite of solutions and services to support your requirments

RF Coverage and Path Profiling

The increase in bandwidth requirements and higher transmission frequencies lessen the distance that a radio wave can travel through the atmosphere. An RF coverage analysis  using Pathloss , EDX and other tools helps predict coverage patterns and reliability in highly critical locations, allowing the use of existing buildings and towers owned by an agency.

A complete analysis will provide the agency with an accurate RF coverage overlay to determine which locations can provide adequate coverage and what areas will need to be expanded to provide a reliable wireless network.

Communications Network Engineering

We engineer, deploy and maintain wireless communication systems/ services ranging from small irrigation controls with a few locations to large gas fields with hundreds of sites or utilities with 1000’s of endpoints. Furthermore, our “smart grid” and AMR transport involvement continues to grow with the spread of these systems nationally. We work jointly with customers to interface wireless networks to outside RTU’s, controllers, meters, cameras, monitoring systems and networks to ensure specifications between equipment types are shared and understood. We use the latest technologies from vendors such as Ceragon, Cambium, RedLine, Pixel Velocity, FLIREricssonXetawave, 4RF, ABB Tropos and Red Lion to  ensure you have the most capable systems and services to support you

Back haul and backbone designs with wire, fiber, ISM, or microwave solutions; all within the realm of Twin Eagle’s expertise.

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