FLIR Camera Technology

One of the primary reasons Twin Eagle selected the FLIR G300a camera is for its ability to detect spectral changes in the atmosphere, as well as adjust for diurnal  swings that cross exposure settings. This allows 24/7 use across seasons, including in fog, rain, or snow. The oil and gas company had an interest in visualizing 20 different hydrocarbons, including benzene, ethanol, methane, and propane. The FLIR G300a had the capability to detect each of these gases and more.

Twin Eagle’s leak-detection system allows operators to react to situations instantaneously and make intelligent operational decisions in real time. With automated analytics and continuous coverage of assets, leaks can be detected as they occur, not hours or days later. The enhanced virtual monitoring capabilities lead to increased operational efficiency, bolstered site safety, and reduced costs to inspect and operate the site

The FLIR A310 features the ability to stream video over Ethernet for live viewing on a PC, plus communication and power over Ethernet cable.It aldo offers spot, area, and difference temperature measurement, and can alarm as a function of analysis, internal temperature, or digital input. Lastly, the A310  is an extremely rugged system that meets IP66 requirements, protecting the camera from dust and water.