Digital Oilfield

Engineer/Professional Services

Engineer/Professional Services

We offer a broad range of digital oilfield solutions to ensure you get the technology you need.



We work with you to provide any level of service needed to install your digital solution- whether it be an end to end solution or just the beginning needs of an installation and implementation of your technology requirements.

Automated Video Solutions

Automated Video Solutions

The Event Velocity solution, as proposed by Twin Eagle Consulting, will provide remote monitoring, virtual site inspection capability, automated vehicle/personnel tracking/Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) alarming, workflow and site reporting capability that can integrate into existing processes and systems.


The Digital Oilfield

The Digital Oilfield can be defined as a solution that integrates technology, information, people, process, and organization, using online data to efficiently and effectively maximize oil and gas asset performance and value throughout the production life cycle..

Engineer your solution

Twin Eagle Consulting offers a variety of oilfield solutions to help our customers make their oil and gas operations more safe and efficient. From remote video monitoring, optical gas imagining, our oilfield solutions work to automate our customer’s oilfield saving them both money and time.We help clients to understand the value of a robust Digital Oilfield communications infrastructure .


We engineer, deploy and maintain wireless communication and automated remote monitoring solutions ranging  from a downstream of few central facilities to large gas fields with hundreds of sites, midstream components  to upstream facilites. We supply key services to support your oilfield strategy : an engineered and robust communications infrastructure, turnkey solution from implementation to training/ field support, and automated video analytics/gas imaging.

Turnkey Solutions

Many individual components combine to build a system. While it is important to select the proper unit for a task, it is equally important to ensure the units work together as a whole, and in the business interest of the project. Twin Eagle Consulting offers a broad suite of  products along with a wide breadth of system expertise to fulfill these needs. Products include narrow band, broad band, ISM, and microwave networks.

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